American Babe Doll Bedding


Doll bedding crafted simple! Produce the toy doll bedding you’ve always dreamed of by merely introducing the toy doll bed linen set!

Contained in this toy doll bedding set generally there is:


one two-tone bedcover, around 18X24 inch

one standard cushion

one ornamental cushion

Models put: American Babe,

This particular completely incredible toy doll bedding material collection is actually stitched along with some hands sewing. The mattress set allows you to produce the most wonderful comfy mattress for the doll-like American English Babe, Journey Girl, BFC Ink, Madame Alexander, FOA, Our Generation, Springfield and 18 in. other dolls too.

Because you will find tiny components, unfortunately we cannot advocate the product for the kids who also yet put items inside their jaws.

All the products tend to be hand-crafted, hence a few flaw is likely to be found… but come on, no one is actually prefect, right…