Rebecca And Kaya And Grace Dolls Review With My Little Cousin

Rebecca And Kayya

My cousin, my mother, my sis along with me, we all visited the American Girl and every one of us was on that trip with different approached and a different view. The awesome factor was that regardless of all of our assorted types, and the enormous variety of accessories and toys to consider, everyone agreed on what the most popular product in the entire shop was –also it was not at all what I anticipated. It had been Rebecca and Kaya, the incredibly enchanting BeForever little toy.


When the point first arrived, I made a decision to buy Little Package and Small Rebecca and had also checked out each of the toys on the web. For some purpose my attention wasn’t grabbed by the catalog photos of Kaya. I’ve previously evaluated Little Package, therefore on this page I am going to check out Rebecca and Kaya, and will even reveal some quick opinions of the NYC American Girl shop.

For the initial portion of the review, I am going to trade comments between the two with my cousin, who want to be understood here just as “Miss Elizabeth.” I will warn you, I was not particularly great at snapping photographs, although I’ve a couple of photographs to cooperate with this particular small excursion of the shop.

My cousin is ten years of age and I’ve always liked to go to an American Girl shop–mainly because she is very-fun to be with since I needed to notice her views about everything with her. After our buying venture, I surveyed my watchful cousin about her encounter and sat down.


The top photo I got is likely this among the shop window that is outdoor. I really like the intricate kitchen show offering the newest Grace Jones, as the Girl of this Year.

First thing when we enter the shop, we first visited the bookstore part, which showcased a unique exhibit of her add-ons and Elegance. By talking about all this, I would like to introduce you to Miss Elizabeth.


Ms Elizabeth: We adored all of her ensembles, and enjoyed that Grace was a chef. We all loved the Eiffel Tower ear-rings, also (particularly Nana). Nevertheless, the beautiful thing about these was that you can just get the Tower ear rings with Grace or in the event you showed your Grace toy that is aged –maybe not if you’d another toy.

Ms …