Anatoly Zaya-Ruzo with his work

Welcome to Anatoly Zaya-Ruzo's automaton gallery!

An automaton is a doll that looks much like intricate porcelain dolls, with a mechanism inside it that makes it perform different movements. Throughout history, starting in ancient times, automata have been created by engineers and artists to amaze and mesmerize the viewers. Contemporary automata use sophisticated technology to mimick life.

The creation of a doll

Zaya-Ruzo took automaton creation to the next level. These dolls move in many various ways and look endearing and captivating. They are historical replicas and original creations, made to resemble automata made by the ingenious artists of previous centuries.

A completed automaton

Here you can view the dolls made by Zaya-Ruzo, find out more about him, read about the secrets of doll-making, and order your own unique automaton. Explore this rare art form and the numerous possibilities it holds.

the only pipe street organ fabricated in the United States!
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