Top 5 Laser Hair Removal Training in UK

Laser hair removal has grown as a commonly-practiced cosmetic routine since the turn of the twenty first century. It is still pervasively spreading among teens and adults like in the UK and worldwide. With the need to get hair laser removal arising the demand for the profession grew larger resulting in a corresponding demand for laser hair removal training programs. At the beginning it was only few programs across the UK but now they became hundreds. In this article we’re going to review and compare between the top five laser hair removal training courses in the UK. We’re going to discuss their pros and cons and give a final verdict on which one we think is the best.



The beauty and laser training center based in Slough Berkshire provides its students with the highest techniques and a wide variety of courses. The repertoire of courses includes but not limited to NVQ beauty levels 2 and 3, electrolysis, skin blemish removal, micro needling and chemical peel courses in the field of beauty. They also offer laser courses like BMLA and NVQ/IPL level 4.

The best part about Beaulaz besides their fascinating techniques and facilities is that they can be taught and fully grasped in a very short period. The prices are also significantly reasonable when compared to the prices offered. Beaulaz is affordably good and can be considered as an efficient choice to spend your money on.

They also can help you with decent hiring opportunities after you finish your studies which something not all beauty and laser hair removal training centers do.

They’re easily reachable through their website through which you’ll be able to book a course or inquire about one.

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Lynton is a decent beauty and laser hair removal training provider in the UK. Lynton are based in Manchester.

The drawback about Lynton is their price. They charge some hefty prices on account of the fact that they’re affiliated with the University of Manchester.

The pros about this training center is that it doesn’t ask for any prerequisites however their courses are a little limited when compared to other beauty and laser training centers in the UK. The quality of the training courses are decent enough to get you to become a laser or IPL practitioner but definitely not the best countrywide.

Perhaps Lynton suits people who live in Manchester but if you can afford to leave the city then other centers like Beaulaz represent better opportunities for you.

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Harley Laser Training Academy

The Harley Laser Training Academy prides itself on being CIBTAC certified but their offered courses are somewhat limited unlike other training centers.

They offer five core packages for reasonable prices. Each package lasts longer than the other for a more expensive prices. The first package lasts for 1 day, costs 300 pounds and is limited to the core knowledge. If you’re interested to go on for another day you’ll get the second package for 500 pounds and covers hair anatomy business training as well as the core knowledge. The third and fourth packages offer practical training and they are for 800 and 1500 pounds respectively. The fifth package include the CIBTAC qualification.

Overall Harley Laser Training Academy is a good place to get your training but still not the best in the country. So far Beaulaz are on top of the race.

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Advance Clinic Training & Consultancy

This is an overall beauty and laser clinic that offers a bundled courses including everything from beauty to laser hair removal.

The pros of this clinic is that it is affordable for most students and its bundled course takes only 6 days to be completed which is a relatively short time when compared to courses from other centers.

The problem is that the course is not thorough enough to be sufficient on its own although it suits people with low incomes who want to get as much training as they can. The requirements are standard like every other training center.

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The London School of Beauty and Make-up

The London based school of beauty and make-up offers a VTCT level 4 training in Laser and IPL treatments. The school is heralded for having the best equipment and simulated training practices but the drawback is the hefty price students are going to have to pay to enrolled.

To get the VTCT level 4 training a student has to pay around 1,250 pounds. Also another drawback is the limited dates available. This training can be taken only on in specific months and on specific days. The next ones available start on the 4th, 5th, 6th and 11th of May 2016.

Overall it is good if you’re looking for decent practical training but slightly overpriced when compared to other training courses.

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When drawing a simple comparison between all aforementioned training centers one will reach the conclusion that Beaulaz by far is the best. The training center provides all required courses for a professional to reach his full potential and significantly affordable prices.

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